What is a Business Improvement Area (BIA)?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of businesses within a geographical area, who join together, with the official approval of the City, to promote and stimulate the local economy. 

A BIA is managed by a volunteer board which is comprised of property owners, business owners and usually the local member of council. The board's initiatives are funded by a special tax or levy charged to all the property owners in its catchment area..

The Weston Village BIA

Stretching along Weston Road, north to King Street and south to Wilby Crescent, the Weston Village BIA, established in 1979 is one of the oldest in Toronto. The business area reflects the cultural diversity of the area and consists of an electic mix of 160 stores, restaurants and professional buildings. The business area also refelects the long and storied history of Weston and there are many second and third generation-owned, family businesses, that are still going strong.

Getting to and From Weston

More than any other period in its recent history, Weston is undergoing enormous change. While it has always been an easily accessible area because of its proximity to the 401 and 400 highways, recent additions to our transit service has made it one of the most accessible areas in Toronto. The new Up Express, which operates 24/7 from a new station at Weston Rd, south of Lawrence, transports riders to Union Station and Pearson International Airport in 20 minutes at a cost of $5.00 per adult and children ride free.

Developments in the Area... Weston On the Rise

A groundbreaking occurred in the summer of 2016 for a multi-faceted new development called the Artscape Weston Hub. Situated in the Weston Rd and King area, the Hub will consistof a venue for public arts programming, an outdoor programming space of 12,400 square feet as well as 26 live-work space for artists plus space for the 37 year-old, beloved, Weston Farmers' Market. In conjunction with the Hub,  a developer named Rockport will be developing a 307 unit apartment building on the John Street parcel of the land.

Annual Events and Activities

For a small village, Weston has annual events that rival any of the downtown events. Starting with our 38 year old, Weston Farmers' Market, which runs every Saturday from mid May until the end of October, the market is consistently rated as one of the top 10 markets in the GTA. The annual Weston Santa Claus Parade on the last Sunday in November attracts over 20,000 eager fans and is also celebrating its 38th anniversary this year.

Streetscaping and Beautification Projects

With the beautiful Humber River as a back drop and numerous historical buildings in the village, ambiance abounds in Weston. And, in addition to the services the City provides to enhance the area, the BIA spends a large portion of its annual budget on beautification projects.

From decorative lighting, banners, in-ground flower beds, hanging basket flowers, murals and decorative, bike racks, the BIA works hard every year to keep the area looking fresh and attractive for our many visitors and shoppers.

Weston BIA Office

We are a busy BIA and along with a board of directors, we have one staff person who works 4 days per week out of our office at 4 John Street, Unit 3, Weston. John Street runs east off Weston Rd, one street north of Lawrence.

Office Hours

Our office is open from Monday through Thursday from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. 

Phone: 416-249-0691 Fax: 647-775-1158

Email: admin@westonvillagebia.com   www.westonvillagebia.com





Get in touch

BIA Office

4 John Street, Unit 3

Monday through Thursday from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. 

Phone: 416-249-0691

Fax: 647-775-1158

Email: admin@westonvillagebia.com

Board of Directors

Masum Hossain (Chair), 1919 Weston Rd.

Paren Makim (Treasurer) Canadian Tax, 2030 Weston Rd.

Councillor Frances Nunziata, Ward 11, York, South-Weston

Rashad Ali, Property Owner.

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