Meet the Vendors

Albion Hills Farm

Pina comes to us from the Caledon area and at the market she sells a selection of cured and smoked meats, including sopressata, kielbasa and German salami. Stop by for a pepperette to snack on while you wander the market or take home some fresh breads and meats to share or to make great sandwiches.


Grandpa Kens' Back Bacon

Grandpa Kens Back Bacon sandwiches are renowned. 6 slices of piled- high, pealmeal bacon on a kaiser with all the fixins. You might have a hard time getting your mouth around these sandwiches but your taste buds will thank you for the effort; Ken’s 6 oz. Texas Burgers, with cheese and bacon, are also a meat eater’s delight.


Honey & Q Corporation

Coming to us from Sunderland, Ontario, this is Honey Q’s second year at the market. In 2007, they allocated 340 hives for pollination of blueberries fields in New Brunswick, including those of Wyman’s Inc, one of the oldest manufacturers of blueberries in the world. They have now doubled that number to 700 and, during the 2009 Royal Winter Fair, they were awarded 1st place in Canada for buckwheat honey.


Lincoln Line Orchards

Apples, pears, peaches, cider, sparkling cider, plums, some strawberries, sweet corn, preserves, honey and some baked goods, Peter and his family bring great produce to our market from their farm in Smithville, ON. You can rest assured that when peaches are in season, Peter and his family will be running to keep up with the customer lines.


Marigold’s Maple Syrup

Marigold’s has been producing 100% Pure Ontario maple syrup for over 15 years.  Tapped from trees in central Ontario, Marigold’s syrup ranges from light to amber to dark; other offerings include maple candies, maple tea and their new maple butter.

If you’re looking for some great maple syrup for personal consumption or the perfect gift for a special occasion, Brian’s beautiful packaging and presentation ideas make his products a perfect gift for any occasion.


Thames River Melons

Owned and operated by Robert Chesney and his family, Robert jokes that he grows things that he likes to eat. Obviously, judging by what he grows, he eats very well! Robert established his first farm in 1984 by growing and selling half an acre of cantaloupe – his favourite melon. He also sells muskmelons, watermelons as well as a wide variety of specialty melons. Robert also brings a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to the market.


Vos Eggs

Ted is our egg man and comes to us from Hamilton, ON.  His mother Nora and his father, Jim started the business and Ted is very proud to carry on the legacy. In addition to eggs (including duck eggs), Ted also sells butter, cheese, cheese curds and preserves.


Wiff Restaurant

Aisha uses the finest quality meats and vegetables in her samosas and they are a big customer favourite at the market. Aisha also owns a very successful restaurant on Weston Rd, south of Lawrence.


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