Shop the Neighbourhood

On Sat, Nov 24th, Weston Village BIA will present Shop The Neighbourhood 2017.

14 (with more being added every hour) of our amazing stores and restaurants in Weston Village on Weston Rd from King Street, south past Lawrence to Wilby Crescent will be offer amazing amazing discounts and specials.  Time to start some Christmas shopping or buy some summer dresses if you are going down south for the holidays, there is something in the sale for everyone.

Although I am going to list all the businesses who have already registered for the event as well as the discounts they are offering, others will probably also be participating.  You will recognize the participating stores by the bunches of yellow balloons outside their doors.

Store Name                                                                                   Special or Discount Being Offered

Squibbs Stationers, 1974 Weston Rd                                            20% off selected items

Club Franco, 1955 Weston Rd                                                       2 of any summer dresses, tops or skirts for $15.00

Christines Fashions, 1952 Weston                                                Children's and women sweaters for $5.00 (were $15.00) and much more

Bargain Stop, 1940 Weston Rd                                                      20% off selected items

Nancy's Fashions, 1888 Weston Rd                                              10% off entire stock

Waberi Wholesale, 8 John Street                                                  20% of spices that you will find in very few other places.

Hilac Fashions and Beauty Supplies, 1901 Weston                      20% off summer dresses and skirts; 20% off ornamental plates from Bankok.

By His Grace Fashions and Beauty,1834 Weston Rd                   5% to 20% off beautiful costume jewelry and wigs

Weston Department Store, 1925 Weston Rd                                 10% off all electronics

Clearance Deport, 1818 Weston Rd                                               20% off  everything (bedding, clothing, shoes).


Zeal Burger, 1926 Weston Rd                                                        Double Cheeseburger Meal with Fries and Drink  $10.00

Popeyes, 1976 Weston Rd                                                             10% off 10-piece family meals





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