Expansion of the Boundaries of the Weston Village BIA

At its Annual General Meeting on December 2nd, 2015, the membership of the Weston BIA passed a motion to expand its boundaries north from Weston Rd and King to Weston Rd and Church Street.

On September 22, 2016, 12 property owners and or business owners from the proposed expansion area as well as members of the board of Weston BIA attended an open house to further discuss the expansion.

At that meeting, a steering committee composed of 5 business and/or property owners from the expansion area was formed.  The members of the steering committee are as follows:

Peter Kalamaris, owner, 2047 Weston Rd.   416-241-6923
Gus Triantafollov, owner, 2083 Weston Rd.   416-573-3860
John Terzakis, owner, Fern Plaza, 2097 Weston Rd.   416-318-8795
Olumide Olatoye, owner, Printer Us, 2036 Weston Rd. 416-245-6960
Marianne Hatherly, Mount Dennis/Weston Health Centre


For further information on the expansion, please contact the Weston BIA office at: 416-249-0691 or at: admin@westonvillagebia.com

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