Fall/Winter 2017 Newsletter

A Word From Our Chair

Signs have been imminent for the past five years that big changes were in store for Weston. From the first public consultation meetings in 2012 about an exciting new train service called the UP Express, the future started to look good for Weston. Now in its third year of service, the UP proudly boasts that it can transport passengers from Weston to Pearson Airport and Union Station in 20 mins. Housing prices have skyrocketed in Weston over the past two years and homebuyers cite ease of access to downtown as one of the main reasons for buying in Weston.

Revitalization and Change

It’s been 40 years since Weston has witnessed development of any kind, but all that is about to change. Many new developments are coming into the area over the next few years and some have already started. And, in preparation for the upcoming changes, here at the BIA, Board of Management ,we are hard at work putting plans in place that will allow us to take advantage of the good fortune that has been laid at our door. We are in the process of hiring a consultant to do a strategic plan for the area. The consultant will look at Weston as it is now and develop a road map for where we would like to be in the short run (a year from now) and in the long run (5 years from now). Areas that will be looked at in the creation of the strategic plan will include present store composition, streetscaping, events and branding. All will be looked at through the lens of upcoming developments, changing cultural dynamics as well as the rich and storied history of the area.

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