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Our 2021 Vendors

Here at Weston Farmers' Market, we are fortunate to have the cream of the crop of farmers and artisans, some of whom have been with the market for over 30 years. To their loyal customers, they are no longer just Weston Farmers' Market vendors, they are old friends! The following is a growing list of our 2021 vendors.

Albion Hills Farm

Pina Guiliano is one of the longtime vendors at the market. Pina has a large following of regular customers, who visit her stalls every Saturday as much for her friendly smile as for her legendary pepperettes. 

Albion Hills Farm is a family-run business. Their specialties are handcrafted, cured and smoked meats influenced by the old European traditions of their founders. In addition to their smoked meats, they also sell fresh-baked artisan breads and pretzels. Everything you need to make a great sandwich when you get home from the market.


Barry's Best Berries

Laurie and David's strawberries and blueberries are as fresh as they could be. Picked the night before the market at their orchards in Zephyr, Ontario, these berries melt in your mouth and taste amazing in your homemade pies and muffins.  Barry's also offers specially priced baskets of their berries and vegetables which Is great if you are buying for one or a small family or you want to sample all their offerings.




Authentic Lebanese dips as eaten in the heart of Beirut. Small batch production. Find us at Weston Farmers’ Market & High Park Village Market.


Candy Cakes Cupcakes

Rum cakes, Gourmet cupcakes, Candy bags, Dessert tables, Smoothies and more! @candycakescupcakes


Cucina Imera

Freshly prepared Italian dishes to take home and enjoy! Lasagna, eggplant parmasen, veal and more! 


Eat Proteina

Low calorie, high protein cheeses, Lactose-free, gluten-free and 100% organic 



Elisa Candles

Homemade with love by a Weston local, artisal plant-based, soy+coconut wax candles 100% eco-friendly! Makes a great gifts! 
15% of your kindness goes to the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre! 



Freds Bread

Freshly baked artisanal bread. Their dough is mixed gently, allowed to age and ripen at lower temperatures, over longer periods of time than most bread. This extra time and care combine to ensure the distinctive quality of each Fred's Bread loaf; a crisp crust, a moist open crumb with great depth of flavour that stands on its own and tastes of the grain it was made from.



Grandpa Kens' Back Bacon

Grandpa Kens Back Bacon sandwiches are renowned. 6 slices of piled- high, pealmeal bacon on a kaiser with all the fixins. You might have a hard time getting your mouth around these sandwiches, but your taste buds will thank you for the effort; Ken’s 6 oz. Texas Burgers, with cheese and bacon, are a meat eater’s delight. And in case you're wondering, there is a Grandpa Kenny, but in the past year he has become Great Grandpa Kenny. Grandpa/GreatGrandpa Kenny himself is at the markets most Saturdays.



J & S Produce

Sam and Joe Oppedisano have been vendors at our market for over 30 years, but they haven't aged a bit in all those years. Always in good spirits and known for a cheery Good Morning, their selection of fresh fruits and veggies is endless, which provides one stop shopping for those in a hurry to get up to the cottage.


Kazro Designs

Handmade everyday Jewlery and accessories from a local Weston crafter 


Lincoln Line Orchards

Apples, pears, peaches, cider, sparkling cider, plums, some strawberries, sweet corn, preserves and honey, Peter Boman and his family bring great produce to our market from their farm in Smithville, ON. You can rest assured that when peaches are in season, Peter and his family will be running to keep up with the customer lines.



Made T.O. Eat Bakery

A science teacher spent months perfecting cookie recipes through careful (and messy) experimentation for love of his carb-craving wife. Now she, the organiser-in-chief, helps him, the chef, sell the chunkiest chewiest tastiest treats to all the cookie loving people of Toronto!



Mad Mexican

When you buy any of Mad Mexican's, totillias, nachos or buritos, you will be tempted to whip up a batch of Sangria and invite friends over for your own backyard fiesta.New to our Farmers' Market this year, we are excited to bring the taste of Mexico to Weston.

Neighbourhood Coffee

Neighbourhood Coffee is a celebration of Toronto. The people and the businesses that make our city a great city to live, work and have fun. Our company is inspired by Toronto and that's why we use local artists to explore the city from various perspectives. As you explore our coffee, enjoying the different flavours and artwork, we want you to share the journey with us as we grow our little business.


Ruffside Designs

Handmade crafts, accessories and houseware from local artist and Westonite Diane.



Sterling Silva Creations

Custom handmade jewelry by Michael Silva, they are truly a work of art! 



Shanny's Shortbread Cookies

Ed Shanny takes great pride in his shortbread cookies and mini cheesecake rounds. Available in over 30 flavours and packaged in various sizes and box styles, these are a perfect gift to take to a house warming, birthday party, christening or the perfect dessert to have with a cup of tea and good friends.



Thames River Melons

Owned and operated by Robert Chesney and his family, Robert jokes that he grows things that he likes to eat. Obviously, judging by what he grows, he eats very well! Robert established his first farm in 1984 by growing and selling half an acre of cantaloupe – his favourite melon. Thames River now grows a wide variety of melons including muskmelons, watermelons as well as a wide variety of specialty melons. Robert also brings a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to the market and is our main Pumpkin vendor every year



True Pickles

True Pickles provides hand crafted, gourmet pickles to Toronto and surrounding area. We are passionate about our pickles and each ingredient is specially chosen and prepared before going in your 1L jar of pickles!


Samosa Delight Inc

Aisha, is the former owner of Wiff Restaurant in Weston. She uses the finest quality meats and vegetables in her samosas and that’s one of the main reasons that she is such a popular vendor.  



Scents by Stush

Artisan made incense and aromatherapy oils and gift sets.



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